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The State of Social – Facebook

As social media marketers, it’s important to take a second to evaluate the digital platforms that we use to engage our consumers, members, and brand advocates. Aside from looking back at your own analytics, it’s extremely important to look at social media trends as a whole.

Which platforms are best for reaching specific, desired demographics for your members or business?

Is your audience likely to jump ship from one platform to another?

These are questions you certainly want to know prior to outlining your marketing strategy. Let’s check out some of the top social media platforms to see what’s trending.

Facebook Demographics

It’s been a rough year for Facebook for more than a few reasons, but it remains every bit the behemoth it’s described to be. A staggering 2.07 billion users access the platform on a monthly basis, which represents more than one-third of the global population. Domestically, 68 percent of adults utilize the platform, making it an ideal way for marketers to reach and engage consumers. These users have some cash to spend, too. According to PEW, about 76 percent of Facebook users make more than $75,000 per year.

Facebook’s Prospects for Marketing in 2018

It’s not all rosy for marketers on Facebook, though. Mark Zuckerberg’s latest announcement concerning the prioritization of user-generated content over brand-driven content is a cause for concern for association marketers. Over the last year, we’ve seen original, non-boosted content reach just 4-7 percent of a page’s audience without any engagement. It remains to be seen just how much Zuckerberg’s changes will alter this reach further, but the social media marketing industry will need to watch this carefully.

Our Take

Despite the uncertainty that comes with the announced algorithm change, the reality is clear: Facebook remains an extremely lucrative platform for any entity looking to reach consumers. The sheer volume of users, paired with the ability to boost posts to specific demographics, means it is, and will be, the platform for reaching U.S. adults – at least for 2018.

Check out an in-depth report on Facebook’s user statistics from the folks at Hootsuite.

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Article written by:

Wes Sovis

Business Development Manager

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