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Why Maintaining a Blog Is Crucial for Your Association

Developing content isn’t anything new in the marketing world, but the importance of creating content for B2B and B2C markets is on the rise. If blogging isn’t a part of your association’s current communication strategy, you should consider making it a priority. Our clients have seen a tremendous increase in website and social traffic by posting original content that is relevant to their industry and geared to help their target audience.

Blogging is a free form of promoting your association.

The “f” word we all love to hear: free. You’ll be able to sell this to your board in no time! In most cases, creating and maintaining a blog typically only requires a few man-hours. Unless you want to add interactive features (such as video), create original graphics, or hire a team to help you generate content, there may be little to no cost to manage your association’s blog. It just takes some creativity and sticking to a schedule.

You’ll find your hottest prospective members…for free!

If you use your blog wisely, you’ll be able to engage your hottest prospective members. When viewers subscribe to your content, they want to know more about the industry in which you serve – and they have recognized your association as a respectable source of information.

Blogging drives traffic to your website through social sharing.

You can share your content on all of your social platforms – such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. These shares will directly connect your readers to your blog article, which usually resides on your main website. Did I mention sharing on social media is free, too? That is unless you’ve worked boosting posts or digital advertising into your marketing budget. Plus, you can share this same content in your newsletter email and blast it to members.

The content you post will help show your association’s value.

Sometimes, we think plastering our sales pitch all over our website and social media channels will help drive new members to join. Wrong. New members especially like to see value, not be sold. Nothing engages members more than topics that empathize with them and help them overcome their problems. Choose topics with the different stages of the member lifecycle in mind – prospective, new, current, expired – as well as the different member levels. A student member has needs and expectations that are different than a professional member. A blog enables you to speak to many different groups and show your association’s value to each group in a unique way.

Most importantly, a blog helps establish you as a thought leader.

There is nothing more important in the association world than being the association of your particular industry. By providing original content, you grow to become an important resource for your members. For example, you could write an article that answers your members’ biggest questions, which in turn may free up the call center. A blog is also an easy way to share promotional content with prospective and current members. You’ll be able to highlight trends in the industry, your association’s participation in governmental affairs, or make an announcement about any awards.

We have had tremendous success in helping our clients, such as the Michigan Association of Recreation Vehicles and Campgrounds, with their content marketing strategy. Are you ready to engage your members with your association to the max? Let us help you.

Article written by:

McKenzie Decker

Marketing Manager

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